Thursday, November 29, 2012

Beautiful Sounds

Together for the Gospel Live II was just released this week, so here are a couple links that I can't help sharing.  These two albums, Together for the Gospel Live 1 and 2, have been a special blessing to me since I stumbled on them.  Sovereign Grace already writes amazing, Christ-exalting songs, but these two albums are particularly good!  I think these recordings are special because they are simple...nothing but one piano and thousands of voices singing praises to our Lord.  Some songs are classics that need to stick around for a few MORE centuries, and others are more contemporary compositions.  They send chills up and down my spine.  Maybe it's a little bit like heaven?

Listen to the entire albums here:
Together for the Gospel Live
Together for the Gospel Live II

And download my most recent (well, for the last year or so) favorite song for FREE here:
All I Have is Christ

Enjoy folks! :)

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